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Brand Identity

"Big, bold and completely compelling. We could not have asked for a better solution to our identity and brand focus".

Sam – Finapps Director

As a start up venture, we helped our client through every step of the process. From initial consultation to understanding who and what they wanted to achieve. We guided them through each concept and the impact each direction could have on the business, as well as making them feel comfortable and engaged at every step.

"The approach, insight and understanding Agenci delivered from the outset, gave us the confidence to move in a bold but considered direction. The overall results so far have exceeded our expectations and we can't wait to see the next phases our journey unfold".

As planned from the beginning, the brand would take a staged approach for its launch to help manage budgets and the growth strategy. This would allow for fine tuning any of the brand elements and start the construction of a fully integrated service portal for the brand and its customers moving forward.

The first phase of the launch was to implement their unique service within existing business practices as a supporting partner. The resulting uptake has exceeded their expectations and we are currently working on phase two of the brand implementation.

We hope to bring some updates to the Finapps story very soon.


Tactix Rebrand

"Their practical knowledge has enabled us to create a competitive edge and deliver significant brand exposure in a very conservative environment".

Ben – Tactix Group Founder

We have been working with the Tactix Group since its conception 8 years ago. Our journey has helped them to develop and grow into a multi-million dollar company with offices in three states of Australia.

From building their original identity through to finessing the rebrand structure to enable them to communicate with their stakeholders in clear and professional manner. The journey has seen us develop all their print and digital collateral as well as supporting proposals and documentation on various high profile bids.

"It's like having our own multi-disciplined design department without the overheads of equipment or staff resource requirements".

The next phase is a complete website upgrade which demonstrates their constant growth, defined business models and recent government accreditation.

Our relationship has been built by us being an integral part of their business from the start. From ongoing advice and guidance through to maximising their objectives with custom solutions to suit their needs.

We are trusted like a team member and it's this approach which has allowed both businesses to flourish and support one another. Our ongoing relationship allows us to source and recommend solutions above the original brief for that complete collaborative process across projects.

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